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Bellydonna has been dancing together since 2012 under the direction of Emalee Morem. Emalee has used her diverse performance experience to create a dance company that has gained respect in the Minnesota belly dance community as a skilled and creative dance company, dazzling audiences with their dramatic choreography, impressive technique, and incredible costumes. Bellydonna Dance Company performs at private events, public festivals, community shows, and in ambitious theatrical productions. Notable public performances have been the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Wizard of Oz bellydance show, performing for PPA at the Varsity Theater, and at the Minneapolis International Festival.

Blue Lotus

Previously under the artistic direction of Julianna, Emalee took over the as artistic director of the Blue Lotus Dancers in 2019. Emalee has worked closely with Julianna as an integral part of Blue Lotus staged, theatrical, and dinner shows from 2005-2019 and looks forward to continuing the high quality productions Blue Lotus is known for. 

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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