Learn To Bellydance

Bellydancing is a great way to get exercise, broaden your cultural understanding, make friends, and feel good about your body! Emalee teaches classes to a diverse group of students and YOU would be a great addition to her classes! She currently teaches online classes for intermediate/advanced dancers, but is available to schedule private or private group classes for any level. Emalee has a private Facebook group for her students to ask questions, watch tutorial videos, and review class content. 

Current Classes

Dazzling Mejance

Sundays in November 2022

From 10 AM to 12 PM

Online and limited availability in person with Emalee

Learn a full choreography in this 4 week session. This mejance has a veil entrance, musical changes, a taxim, a drum section, and finale, everything you want in a mejance! We’ll spend the first half of class drilling technique and the second half learning combos. No drop ins since each week builds on the choreography. If there’s extra time we’ll do combinations to a pop song.

Single Class $30

4 Weeks $100

Sword Choreography


Sunday, December 11, 2022

From 10 AM to 12:30 PM

Learn sword balancing tips, dramatic moves, a full choreography with Emalee’s favorite balancing prop to a theatrical Middle Eastern song. Drop in class is discouraged as each week will build upon the last. 



January workshop

Learn Khaleegy steps, practice them to music, and leave with a full choreography. You should wear a loose fitting caftan or khaleegy thobe over your clothes if possible.

Sunday, January 29, 2023
AT 10:00 AM CST – 12:00 PM CST



“I enjoy taking belly dance classes with Emalee. She is very good at breaking down the movements and helping you to learn each step. I love her style of choreography. Her dances are both fun and challenging – helping you to grow your own talents. I always leave her class feeling so appreciative and inspired.”

Kris D.

KD Design Studio, LLC

I first found out about Emalee when I saw her perform. She dances with incredible precision, beauty and joy. I love taking belly dance lessons from her. She teaches technique in a way that is easy to understand and provides a very positive and supportive environment. By focusing on refining the moves she helps every student be the best they can be.


“I went to Emalee’s fan veil workshop in Duluth and had an excellent time. Never having done fan veils before I found her instructions on the holding and use of the fan veils very good. The length of the choreography was perfect for the time of the workshop so as not to be overwhelming. I would attend another workshop with Emalee.”

Debbie P.

“I have taken classes with Emalee for a little over a year. I find her to be precise and knowledgeable in all aspects of bellydance forms and choreography. She is encouraging and I have always felt good after a class.

Julie H.

(507) 250-5150

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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