Bellydonna has been dancing together since 2012 under the direction of Emalee Morem. Emalee has used her diverse performance experience to create a dance company that has gained respect in the Minnesota belly dance community as a skilled and creative dance company, dazzling audiences with their dramatic choreography, impressive technique, and incredible costumes. Troupe members are Thuy Doan, Becky King, Kate Hanley, Deb Zabel, and Christian Cuttler. Bellydonna Dance Company performs at private events, public festivals, community shows, and in ambitious theatrical productions. Notable public performances have been the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Wizard of Oz bellydance show, performing for PPA at the Varsity Theater, and at the Minneapolis International Festival.

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They offered a unique and mesmerizing experience that hypnotized everyone. Each set was filled with something new…I highly recommend booking this talented team.


Director of Cirque du Pole

The dancing is extremely well-choreographed and executed…There’s not a dull moment.

Autumn P.

Talented dancers, beautiful costumes, great choices in music.

Chad S.

Dazzling, Ambitious, Wonderful.

Beth K.


Troupe Members

Emalee Morem

Troupe Director

Emalee has been part of the bellydance scene in Minnesota since 2005. She started bellydancing with her twin sister Marya as the duo the Shimmytwins, is the director the troupe Bellydonna, has been a part of the Blue Lotus Dancers since 2005 and took over direction of the Blue Lotus in 2019. 

Thúy Doan

After dabbling in ballroom, Argentine tango and social latin dances for several years, Thúy began studying bellydance in 2005 and discovered her true calling in the dance universe. Being part of the Middle Eastern dance community has opened up numerous opportunities for her, including the chance to coordinate the belly dance scenes in a local independent movie in 2015. Through connecting with community events and organizations, she hopes to further engage more diverse communities in the art of bellydance, both as dancers and as audience members. She feels immense gratitude to her instructors who have broken down barriers to participation and continues to pay it forward by helping make her beloved art form more accessible to all. She has been a member of Bellydonna since 2017.

Becky King

Becky has been dancing with Bellydonna since 2015. She enjoys dancing, playing the guitar, singing and her family.

Kate Hanley

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