The Art Of Bellydance

Raqs Sharki “Dance of the East” has become an art form across the world. Today bellydancing has evolved to feature both women and men performers, different styles of movement, different styles of costuming, and a very rich and complicated history! 


Professional Bellydancer

Emalee has been part of the bellydance scene in Minnesota since 2005. She started bellydancing with her twin sister Marya as the duo the Shimmytwins, is the director the troupe Bellydonna, has been a part of the Blue Lotus Dancers since 2005 and took over direction of the Blue Lotus in 2019. 

Emalee organizes community and theatrical bellydance productions, the most recent being the spectacularly reviewed Wizard of Oz Bellydance Show produced independently in 2018 and as part of the MN Fringe Festival in 2019. 

Emalee has enjoyed performing across the US in traveling dance companies Bellydance Evolution under the direction of Jillina and in Virginia Mendez’s international dance troupe. She is featured on the performance DVD Al Dunia filmed in Hollywood, CA. She teaches workshops and private lessons in the northwest metro, and currently offers multiple weekly classes through Zoom.

Emalee is a regular performer at Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill and at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe. Emalee has been a board member of  The Guild of Middle Eastern Dance in Minnesota since 2017, using her years of performance and teaching experience to help elevate the dance community with new ideas, opportunities, and experiences. 

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